Among all these years of integrating knowledge about the programming i came across some intellectual, some nice to read and some highly informative writing of the people belonging to programming community. Just sharing some of them which i still follow

1. James Gosling :
I follow James blog with all the respect for developing an successful and interesting language called Java. As i jump into Java more i found the blog as an interesting to read the man behind its start. Also the blog presents a larger than language picture of programming.

2. Bruce Eckel :
Bruce's blog compels everyone to open their brain and think about basic programming techniques and basis of programming languages. I always feel inspired by his blog. Also it open my tamed (for the regular work) mind to ponder about all the programming i do (at least for few days).

3. Joel Spolsky :
Joel's blog has so much to offer to a young programmer. It creates a ideology of thinking more than just solving the problem. His idea of the environment for programmers to code better is the best idea i found on any blog.

4. Hani Suleiman :
This blog i follow just for fun. The way of expression is cool. I am not saying that this blog has any less concrete contents. In fact it has some really nice contents to ponder on.

I will add more as I discover more ...