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Love and Life

Posted by Uday Shankar on Monday, January 25, 2010, In : Poetry 
Quest for happiness
begins everyday,
sometimes it rains,
sometimes are grey.

Hope the quest
never ends,
as each day,
new message it sends

Messages for life
ugly and sour.
Messages for love
beautiful and pure.

These starts
and end with the same.
Love and Life,
is all part of the game.

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Beautiful days

Posted by Uday Shankar on Friday, April 17, 2009, In : Poetry 
We had our first glance,
that was the start of our romance.
Then we had a small talk
while we had a pleasant walk.

We had some fortunate encounters
and we became regular chatters.
We always enjoyed each others company
so we started meeting few times ... then many.

Love was in the air,
each other was all, we care.
One day those feelings were expressed.
From that moment life get blessed.

We had our first fight,
but we can't live without others sight.
so we make up our mind,
to never leave each other behind.


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Broken Heart

Posted by uday on Monday, April 13, 2009, In : Poetry 
There is not a single sound
And no part of earth is shaken
There isn't any pieces thrown on ground
When someone's heart is broken

The world stopped existing,
The life started twisting.
All thoughts begin taunting,
All hopes are haunting.

Everything changes in a matter of time
There is no way to avoid the crime
Still the life should go on...
As night always precedes the dawn

That is the time to think 
What had not gone right?
As the world repeats itself
Remember the heart's plight

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Posted by Uday Shankar on Thursday, October 16, 2008, In : Poetry 

I closed my eyes contemplating
the thoughts came slowly skating
foaming bubling soaring aviating
all new dreams are creating...

In the realms of thoughts and dreams
some memories down the streams
somethings beautiful as it seems
came and gone the creamy gleams...

many mysterical mind's marvels
instantiating many different levels
many distingushed paths unravelled
stranger than gulliver travels...

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