1. I am a night person (can sleep as late as i can but cant get up early).
2. I am a frequent changer (never stick to one thing for long and can easily let go anything).
3. I like to be alone sometime.
4. I love computer programming ... hence love my job of a Software Engineer.
5. I have a passion on all kinds of creativity ... like poetry, creative writing, sketching, painting, music, and stuff like that.
6. I can sleep in any condition ... eat any food ...
7. I want to be rich and famous.
9. I am not afraid of anything.
10. I think i m smarter than the half of the crowd.
11. I m not spiritual at all.
12. I am always there for neglected ones and i always neglect the popular ones.
13. I always select the strangest looking thing on the menu.
14. I can not manage money
15. I like reading fiction and philosophy, and watching movies.