yah............... as you can see i m bored and wanted everyone to go out and waste time. About wasting time i was just thinking how much time we waste time in thinking same thing over and over and never come to any conclusion. Actually some say getting conclusion is not the result always, we have to think about the all the thinking we have done and in some way or the other it improved ours thinking capability. About improvement of thinking capability i dont know whether its truth or not. Truth is a complex philosophy. A truth to one can not be truth for others. But why think of others they are just a lame person. So this philosophy is just a hypothesis. But wait a hypothesis can one day be proven and become law. Like murphys law. They are greeaat and proven right for me time and time again. As we come to time its futher complex thing only einstien can solve. Moving forward and backward in time is splendid idea. FYI :- Time spent with all you guys were awesome. You know what other things are awesome nature, eyes, tigers. God when tiger roars, it truly brings out animal in me. Other animals are just cute. no one cares about them. like no one care about global warming or plastics. Any way one day this all world will end. With this note i should stop writing.